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Thinking about new designs

It has been a while since I last posted so I thought I would let you know what I’m up to at the moment. I have been doing some freelance work in the form of digitally embroidered samples, which was great fun…and there is still more to do, and I have been thinking about and drawing up a few new designs which I am very excited about. The picture shows a little preview; the original drawing for the design and some print outs of the designs put into repeat….which entails printing off lots of A4 prints and sticking them together with cellotape! It does give you a very good idea though for scale and colouring purposes.
The designs are based on classic crewel and Jacobean embroidery motifs. I know that this is nothing new in the textile world, but I am hoping to add my own unique take to the subject matter! I am very pleased with how they are coming along…a few more tweaks and then they’re of the printers. Watch this space….