A5 notebooks with various fabric covers


A5 notebook beautifully covered in Abigail Bury ‘s designs complete with elastic closure and page-mark ribbon.
There is a great variety of fabric covers on these notebooks, far too many to list individually, so if there is a design that you like, let me know via e-mail and I’ll find the right notebook for you!

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A5. Ruled and plain books are available. E-mail me to let me know which you would refer.

Design Name

Various. I cannot list all the notebooks as there is a large variety of different fabric covers, so if there is a fabric design that you fancy (and I have notebooks covered in most of the designs) then e-mail me and let me know which you like the look of :)


51% Linen/ 49% cotton – union, digitally printed in Britain

Shipping Costs

Free postage and packaging to mainland Britain


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