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New cushions for Mint

I mentioned in an earlier post that I had been given some Jordanian fabric from Mint Gallery in Kensington with a view to designing and producing some cushions; as many as I could out of the fabric.
I deliberated a long time over this project! I did some samples with some similar weight linen, and pondered…… then the deadline loomed and I definitely had to get going on them! The only criteria I was really given was to let the selvedges be shown and to do a certain sized cushion, other than that it was pretty free as to what I could do.
My initial thoughts were to do something flowery, after all this is what Mint, and most people know me for. But my initial samples didn’t inspire me, so then I thought a little bit more geometrically, and this sparked my imagination more.
In the end I did two cushions that were frayed, two cushions that were frayed and embroidered and two that were embroidered. Inspiration for the fraying came from the two ends of the fabric that was given to me, they had frayed beautifully and these ends did end up in the designs. The embroidery designs developed from doing a little research into Middle Eastern embroidery, I also wanted it to look simple and contemporary. The embroidery was done by a couching method, whereby the thicker thread is put on the bobbin and then the design is worked form the back on a sewing machine.
In the end I thoroughly enjoyed the process of making these cushions. It was definitely a challenge and it took me somewhat out of my comfort zone, but that can only be a good thing, and the results are very beautiful I think…..though I say so myself!
The cushions are in Mint Gallery now as part of their latest exhibition ‘Spring Forms’, and Mint is always well worth a visit.

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