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Magpie Pop Up Gallery

I am excited to be exhibiting at the next Magpie pop up exhibition that runs from the 14th – 17th June in Farnham, Surrey….and as the ‘about’ section on Magpie’s website explains what Magpie is all about so effectively I have added it here for you to get a taster……

‘Magpie is a pop-up gallery, curating original and contemporary art, craft and design, by new and established artists that is both covetable and affordable. Exhibitions are held just two or three times a year, ensuring that each collection is a fresh and exciting showcase of paintings, sculpture, ceramics, textiles, jewellery, wood, leather, mosaics and glass. The gallery space is a light-filled, modern home and art work is exhibited in a way that is beautiful and inviting; encouraging visitors to imagine how a piece might look in their own home.
Magpie is run by Nina Jex who – like the magpie in folklore – has an eye for spotting desirable pieces. Nina comes from an artistic family and has always had a passion for visiting galleries and open studios; collecting things that are handmade, unusual and have a story to tell; and displaying them in ways that enhance their aesthetic beauty. Nina is a firm believer that art is not a luxury, but that having beautiful paintings and objects in your surroundings will elevate your everyday life.
Whether you are an experienced art-collector; someone looking for a painting or sculpture to complete your house or garden; would like to buy a piece of jewellery for a special present; or perhaps a handmade mug or bowl for yourself, do come to Magpie’s next exhibition and see what treasures take your eye!’

Well, I hope that that has wetted your appetite…please do come and have a look at the exhibition, and check out the Magpie website for more information. Looks like it’s going to be a good one! 🙂