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Top Drawer S/S 2018

It’s January, so it must be Top Drawer time again! It is the 3rd year for me and I am very happy to be going back to such an enjoyable and worth while event. It starts this Sunday, the 14th January, and goes on till the Tuesday, the 16th. My stand number is CR620, so please do come and say hello to me and my cushions! There will be a few new designs there, so always worth popping by 🙂

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Compton Verney Textile Fair, 4th November

I am very excited to be exhibiting at the Compton Verney Textile Fair again this year. It was a great show last year and I sold a lovely load of cushions, so I’m back for, hopefully, more of the same! The photos above show my stand last year… was wonderful to be positioned in the ‘Naples 1600-1800’ gallery and surrounded by art for the day. Please do come and pay Compton Verney a visit; not only do you get the textile fair, but an entire art gallery situated in beautiful Warwickshire countryside.
Please see textile fair details below.

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October Interiors, Cheltenham Racecourse

I was meant to post about this before the event…. but somehow time ran out and it never happened! However it was a wonderful event so I will mention a bit about it now. ‘October Interiors 2017’ was hosted by CABMFF and was held at Cheltenham Racecourse. It was the first time that I attended the event as an exhibitor, but having popped by during their April showcase at the same venue I felt it was well worth a go. I was not disappointed, it was really well attended and lots of new contacts were made… was all very heartwarming! It was also great to chat to the other exhibitors and get a better feel for the business, I’ve been doing this for 2 years now, but I feel that I have ever so much to learn still! I am now a step closer to getting my head around the whole sample book issue…..I will endeavour to work towards that goal 🙂
So a big thank you to everyone who attended and showed interest in my textiles and I intend to do it all again at the October show next year.

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Thinking about new designs

It has been a while since I last posted so I thought I would let you know what I’m up to at the moment. I have been doing some freelance work in the form of digitally embroidered samples, which was great fun…and there is still more to do, and I have been thinking about and drawing up a few new designs which I am very excited about. The picture shows a little preview; the original drawing for the design and some print outs of the designs put into repeat….which entails printing off lots of A4 prints and sticking them together with cellotape! It does give you a very good idea though for scale and colouring purposes.
The designs are based on classic crewel and Jacobean embroidery motifs. I know that this is nothing new in the textile world, but I am hoping to add my own unique take to the subject matter! I am very pleased with how they are coming along…a few more tweaks and then they’re of the printers. Watch this space….

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Mint Gallery has done me proud!

Photo by Inge Clemente

I was thrilled to be asked again to provide embroidered cushions for Mints latest Spring Show ‘Metacraft’ which opened last month and ran for the month of May. It featured pieces that combined craft with new technologies. Mint is a wonderful gallery with some really wacky and interesting pieces and I am very happy that they enjoy putting my flowery numbers along side their other exhibition pieces which are often really quite ‘out there’!
But not only is there a new stock of cushions in the shop, I noticed that one of my cushions that I had made for Mint last year had made its way into Junes issue of House and Garden. It was made for a wonderful project called ‘Inspired by the Fabric’, whereby I was given a piece of handwoven, indigo dyed fabric from Jordan, and I was asked to indeed be ‘inspired by the fabric’ and create 6 cushions. Please see an earlier post (Spring 2016) for more details if you are interested, but the cushion shown below in House and Garden was inspired by the selvedge of the fabric, which was very frayed.
Also shown below is a picture from LivingEtc, March 2017, which shows one of my embroidered cushions, obtained from Mint, lying on a bed in a rather wonderful bedroom….I was so excited to see that!
So yes, Mint really has done me proud!

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Exposure in Home Style!

I was delighted to be asked to send in cushions and notebooks for a photoshoot to go into Home Style magazine back in February….and here are the results! I am thrilled with these photos in the July issue of Home Style, the cushions look great in this scheme. I find it funny though as my cushions have taken up a rather large part of the £790 budget; I added up what was shown of mine within the room….it came to £346! So worth it though! 🙂
Styled by Dilly Orme.

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Patchwork throw tutorial in Sewing World

I was delighted to be asked by Sewing World magazine to submit another tutorial, after I had done one last year for their March issue. My latest step by step project is in this months issue, May, and it shows you how to make a patchwork throw out of furnishing fabrics. Although I used only my own fabrics for this project, any furnishing fabrics can be used, so it can be a cheap throw to make if you use up offcuts and remnants. I have used a large scale template for ease, and because furnishing fabrics are much thicker than cotton patchwork fabrics so intricate piecing isn’t so possible! I have also ‘quilted’ it with buttons, so it really is a simple project to make.

So if you fancy having a go at making this throw, then buy yourself the May issue of Sewing World….there is plenty of other great tutorials in there too so it’d be well worth it! And just to show you that this patchwork throw looks fantastic with fabrics other than my own, here is a photograph of another one I made a couple of years ago; the block pattern is slightly different, but very much in the spirit of the Sewing World tutorial. Have a go!

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Marlborough Spring Fair, Sunday 9th April

I was asked to participate in this years Marlborough Spring Fair, and I thought it a jolly good idea! Not only will I be able to show my textiles to a new audience down in Wiltshire, but also the fair is being held as a charity event to raise funds for Cancer Research UK. The proceeds from the door (£3.00 entrance fee) and the money raised from the exhibitor fee all go to this wonderful charity.
I have just had a look at the exhibitor list and it looks impressive! Food, crafts, clothing, jewellery and home accessories are all there for a peruse; with over 70 stalls it looks like a very fine day out.
So if you are in the area, come along and support this wonderful event, and also, do come and say hello 🙂
The fair is held on Sunday 9th April at Marlborough College, Marlborough, Wiltshire.

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‘Creating the Countryside’; new art exhibition at Compton Verney

It has been a fair while since I last wrote a post, and I apologise for that, but I have been ever so busy making cushions! I am happy to say that I took quite a few orders at Top Drawer trade show in January; one of the most exciting ones being a reorder from ‘Change Maker’ in Zurich for 115 cushions. So yeah, I’ve been making cushions! It was fantastic to get both new orders and reorders….all most welcome 🙂
Also I have been asked to take part in the new art exhibition at Compton Verney art gallery, Warwickshire, by way of stocking my cushions, notebooks and cards in the shop for the duration of the exhibition. The exhibition is called ‘Creating the Countryside; Thomas Gainsborough to Today’, and I was asked as my textile designs are nature inspired and as I had I sold very well at the Compton Verney Textile Fair last November. I went yesterday and set up my wall space (see above photo)….and a very nice space too! So do go and have a look, and I mean at the art exhibition rather than just my cushions! Compton Verney never fails to please and the setting is just splendid. The exhibition runs from 18th March until the 18th June.

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It’s Top Drawer time again!

First things first……a Happy New Year to all my customers, followers and people just having a look! I hope we all have a peaceful, hugely enjoyable and prosperous new year!
Well it’s Top Drawer time again, the trade fair held at Olympia, Kensington between the 15th and 17th January (in a few days time, eek!) I exhibited last year and found it very beneficial, especially as it lead to sales in Zurich. I am excited to bring along my two new designs this year: Natures Beauty and Leaves, so fingers crossed for lots of interest!
The photos above are from last year. It’s great this year though as I have been upgraded with my stand due to an exhibitor pulling out. I’ve now got an end of row stand with lots of room….see you there! Stand CF-31 by the way 🙂