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Compton Verney Textile Fair 2018

Here is the magnificent Compton Verney art gallery in Warwickshire, and on the 17th November Compton Verney is hosting it’s annual Textile Fair. It will be my third time exhibiting there…….I’ll just keep coming back because it is a fantastic event and always so well supported. I am in the main hall so please do come and have a look, not only at my own textiles but the array of other textile related goodies!

17th November, 10.30am – 5.00pm

While I am here I will just include a picture that was kindly added to the ‘Artisan Gifts’ section of the latest edition of Period Living (December). I love this photo….it was taken in my mothers hall by Kasia Fiszer, and placed in the magazine by their style editor, Pippa Blenkinsop. Wonderful to be mentioned!

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Country Homes and Interiors

I was delighted to find my way into a superb photoshoot in September’s addition of Country Homes and Interiors. I love the styling of the shoot as well as it’s beautiful late summer colour pallet. My ‘Floral Posy Light’ fabric looks wonderful as the curtain fabric, and cushions, a scarf and a notebook make it into the shoot too. And as if that wasn’t enough, I found my ‘Floral Posy Light’ design as the backdrop to the Editor’s Letter at the from of the magazine! That was the icing on the cake! Thanks Country Homes and Interiors, very much appreciated 🙂

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Recent photo shoot

Recently I was offered the chance to have styled photos taken of my textiles, and I jumped at the chance! The photos were styled by Pippa Blenkinsop, of Period Living magazine fame, and beautifully photographed by Kasia Fiszer, who freelances as an interiors photographer. I am very happy with the outcome, and have uploaded a great selection of them onto my gallery. Here are a few of my favourites:

So a big thank you to Pippa and Kasia for that! I was also delighted that my ‘Floral Bouquet Dark’ cushion made it into the August edition of Country Living magazine, in their Emporium section. It has lead to a few sales of said cushion so it’s a pleasing result!

Ps Pippa and Kasia are available to hire, and they are very good 🙂

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Magpie Pop Up Gallery

I am excited to be exhibiting at the next Magpie pop up exhibition that runs from the 14th – 17th June in Farnham, Surrey….and as the ‘about’ section on Magpie’s website explains what Magpie is all about so effectively I have added it here for you to get a taster……

‘Magpie is a pop-up gallery, curating original and contemporary art, craft and design, by new and established artists that is both covetable and affordable. Exhibitions are held just two or three times a year, ensuring that each collection is a fresh and exciting showcase of paintings, sculpture, ceramics, textiles, jewellery, wood, leather, mosaics and glass. The gallery space is a light-filled, modern home and art work is exhibited in a way that is beautiful and inviting; encouraging visitors to imagine how a piece might look in their own home.
Magpie is run by Nina Jex who – like the magpie in folklore – has an eye for spotting desirable pieces. Nina comes from an artistic family and has always had a passion for visiting galleries and open studios; collecting things that are handmade, unusual and have a story to tell; and displaying them in ways that enhance their aesthetic beauty. Nina is a firm believer that art is not a luxury, but that having beautiful paintings and objects in your surroundings will elevate your everyday life.
Whether you are an experienced art-collector; someone looking for a painting or sculpture to complete your house or garden; would like to buy a piece of jewellery for a special present; or perhaps a handmade mug or bowl for yourself, do come to Magpie’s next exhibition and see what treasures take your eye!’

Well, I hope that that has wetted your appetite…please do come and have a look at the exhibition, and check out the Magpie website for more information. Looks like it’s going to be a good one! 🙂

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British Craft Trade Fair

I am excited to be exhibiting at the British Craft trade Fair this year for the first time. It is held at The Great Yorkshire Showground in Harrogate, Yorkshire, and the fair takes place from the 8th April until the 10th April.
The fair has been running for an astonishing 43 years! It showcases Britsh and Irish craft workers and shuns the mass market end of retail. It is however strictly trade only.
My stand number is P367 and I am exhibiting at the Post-Newcomers section.

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Floral Posy cushion in You magazine

I was delighted to see my Floral Posy Light cushion in The Mail on Sunday’s You magazine last Sunday, the 11th February, in a page full of glorious florals. It is good to know that colourful florals are still on trend! But then again, I cannot see a time when they wont be 🙂
I have to admit though, this little feature is a bit misleading! They price the cushion at £210.00 rather than it’s true price of £58.00, and unfortunately my name is not mentioned, only Mint’s name. Mint is a fantastic gallery in Kensington which stocked some of my embroidered cushions for a few years ( I think that’s where the price confusion has entered!)
Anyway, never one to complain, I am very happy to see it in there, although I’m not expecting much from it, ha ha 😀

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Top Drawer S/S 2018

It’s January, so it must be Top Drawer time again! It is the 3rd year for me and I am very happy to be going back to such an enjoyable and worth while event. It starts this Sunday, the 14th January, and goes on till the Tuesday, the 16th. My stand number is CR620, so please do come and say hello to me and my cushions! There will be a few new designs there, so always worth popping by 🙂

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Compton Verney Textile Fair, 4th November

I am very excited to be exhibiting at the Compton Verney Textile Fair again this year. It was a great show last year and I sold a lovely load of cushions, so I’m back for, hopefully, more of the same! The photos above show my stand last year… was wonderful to be positioned in the ‘Naples 1600-1800’ gallery and surrounded by art for the day. Please do come and pay Compton Verney a visit; not only do you get the textile fair, but an entire art gallery situated in beautiful Warwickshire countryside.
Please see textile fair details below.

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October Interiors, Cheltenham Racecourse

I was meant to post about this before the event…. but somehow time ran out and it never happened! However it was a wonderful event so I will mention a bit about it now. ‘October Interiors 2017’ was hosted by CABMFF and was held at Cheltenham Racecourse. It was the first time that I attended the event as an exhibitor, but having popped by during their April showcase at the same venue I felt it was well worth a go. I was not disappointed, it was really well attended and lots of new contacts were made… was all very heartwarming! It was also great to chat to the other exhibitors and get a better feel for the business, I’ve been doing this for 2 years now, but I feel that I have ever so much to learn still! I am now a step closer to getting my head around the whole sample book issue…..I will endeavour to work towards that goal 🙂
So a big thank you to everyone who attended and showed interest in my textiles and I intend to do it all again at the October show next year.

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Thinking about new designs

It has been a while since I last posted so I thought I would let you know what I’m up to at the moment. I have been doing some freelance work in the form of digitally embroidered samples, which was great fun…and there is still more to do, and I have been thinking about and drawing up a few new designs which I am very excited about. The picture shows a little preview; the original drawing for the design and some print outs of the designs put into repeat….which entails printing off lots of A4 prints and sticking them together with cellotape! It does give you a very good idea though for scale and colouring purposes.
The designs are based on classic crewel and Jacobean embroidery motifs. I know that this is nothing new in the textile world, but I am hoping to add my own unique take to the subject matter! I am very pleased with how they are coming along…a few more tweaks and then they’re of the printers. Watch this space….