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Floral Posy cushion in You magazine

I was delighted to see my Floral Posy Light cushion in The Mail on Sunday’s You magazine last Sunday, the 11th February, in a page full of glorious florals. It is good to know that colourful florals are still on trend! But then again, I cannot see a time when they wont be 🙂
I have to admit though, this little feature is a bit misleading! They price the cushion at £210.00 rather than it’s true price of £58.00, and unfortunately my name is not mentioned, only Mint’s name. Mint is a fantastic gallery in Kensington which stocked some of my embroidered cushions for a few years ( I think that’s where the price confusion has entered!)
Anyway, never one to complain, I am very happy to see it in there, although I’m not expecting much from it, ha ha 😀