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‘Creating the Countryside’; new art exhibition at Compton Verney

It has been a fair while since I last wrote a post, and I apologise for that, but I have been ever so busy making cushions! I am happy to say that I took quite a few orders at Top Drawer trade show in January; one of the most exciting ones being a reorder from ‘Change Maker’ in Zurich for 115 cushions. So yeah, I’ve been making cushions! It was fantastic to get both new orders and reorders….all most welcome 🙂
Also I have been asked to take part in the new art exhibition at Compton Verney art gallery, Warwickshire, by way of stocking my cushions, notebooks and cards in the shop for the duration of the exhibition. The exhibition is called ‘Creating the Countryside; Thomas Gainsborough to Today’, and I was asked as my textile designs are nature inspired and as I had I sold very well at the Compton Verney Textile Fair last November. I went yesterday and set up my wall space (see above photo)….and a very nice space too! So do go and have a look, and I mean at the art exhibition rather than just my cushions! Compton Verney never fails to please and the setting is just splendid. The exhibition runs from 18th March until the 18th June.