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Happy New Year!

Well, as we enter 2021 the dreaded Corona virus is still rampaging, and the notion of attending textile fairs and craft exhibitions still seems a long, long way off! Although the postponed Compton Verney Textile Fair of November 2020 is re-scheduled for March 2021, which certainly doesn’t sound that far off, but whether it will go ahead is another matter, sadly.

I have really missed attending fairs, they are vital to my business as a way of getting what I design/make under your noses! And I love to hear the feed back and generally get an overall view of what the people attending the fairs are noticing and buying. They are also fun, and obviously good for making sales too! But we’ll see……I do hope to be getting out out there soon and showing off some new designs and embroidery kits.

I have two new fabric designs that I designed last October, and they are Venetian Squares and Venetian Tumbling Blocks. They were initially formed after looking at patchwork blocks, using a diamond template……Tumbling Blocks is a classic patchwork design. It was my mother who noticed how much my designs were looking like Venetian floor tiles and she then lent me a book which made it obvious that they did! Hence their names……

The two new designs are pictured above and are now on the website shop, I do hope that you like them. It was a pleasure for me to do something geometric, it made a nice change 🙂

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Contemporary Textiles fair 2020…..showing new embroidery kit

On the 21st and 22nd of March I will be exhibiting at this years Contemporary Textiles Fair which takes place at the Landmark Arts Centre in Teddington, SW London. Well, I hope I will be…..please check that the fair is taking place before you venture out as the dreaded Corona virus is making it’s mark as we speak! But fingers crossed I will be there……and hopefully lots of visitors too!!

I am also pleased to be taking a new embroidery kit that I have developed, my second kit. I have had lots of fun choosing the colours and stitching it up. Like the last kit the stitch mainly used is satin stitch, with a few French knots. I have so loved making these kits, and also seeing the enthusiasm for them from buyers, that it is definitely something that I am going to concentrate on for a while….I’m really excited about the embroidery aspect of my work at the moment!

The embroidery is the one pictured above 🙂

So I might see you at the textile fair….I may not, but please do look out for my kits when they appear on my website. It may take a while, as I need advise as to how to do that, but in the mean time do not hesitate to contact me via phone or email if you would like one of my kits.

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Two new designs

Having had great fun with my floral designs, I decided to do two more designs that were a little different this time. Firstly I went for a leafy design having been inspired by the abundance of rainforest foliage designs in green and white that seem popular at the moment. I love them but I decided to do a more British version! My design features leaves from classic British tree favourites the horse chestnut, oak and lime. I have printed this design onto oatmeal linen to give it a more faded look. I am very pleased with it, It’s turned out just how I envisaged it even before I started drawing.
The second design is very fun! It is called ‘Natures Beauty’ and it features an array of natures delights! Included are birds; a bullfinch, yellow wagtail, and a house martin to be exact, flowers such as a day lily and foxgloves, and also feathers, eggs butterflies to name a few. Oh and a rose chafer beetle….you may not what this in your garden but it is a very pretty beetle!
Both designs are available to buy by the metre and made up into cushions. 18″ and 22″ cushions are listed on the shop page, please contact me if you would like a different size.
I do hope you like these new designs, I’m pretty excited about them!

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Beautiful fabric covered notebooks added to my shop!

Available now! A5 notebooks, beautifully covered in various sections of my floral fabrics, complete with elastic closure and page-mark ribbon. They can be bought in the website shop, but as they are all so very different you will probably have to contact me with details of your favourite bits of designs, and I’ll see if there is a notebook that fits the bill! But they have turned out very well, and they feel lovely too, so take a look in the shop and see if one takes your fancy. They are £19.00 each.