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Country Homes and Interiors

I was delighted to find my way into a superb photoshoot in September’s addition of Country Homes and Interiors. I love the styling of the shoot as well as it’s beautiful late summer colour pallet. My ‘Floral Posy Light’ fabric looks wonderful as the curtain fabric, and cushions, a scarf and a notebook make it into the shoot too. And as if that wasn’t enough, I found my ‘Floral Posy Light’ design as the backdrop to the Editor’s Letter at the from of the magazine! That was the icing on the cake! Thanks Country Homes and Interiors, very much appreciated 🙂

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Recent photo shoot

Recently I was offered the chance to have styled photos taken of my textiles, and I jumped at the chance! The photos were styled by Pippa Blenkinsop, of Period Living magazine fame, and beautifully photographed by Kasia Fiszer, who freelances as an interiors photographer. I am very happy with the outcome, and have uploaded a great selection of them onto my gallery. Here are a few of my favourites:

So a big thank you to Pippa and Kasia for that! I was also delighted that my ‘Floral Bouquet Dark’ cushion made it into the August edition of Country Living magazine, in their Emporium section. It has lead to a few sales of said cushion so it’s a pleasing result!

Ps Pippa and Kasia are available to hire, and they are very good 🙂

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Floral Posy cushion in You magazine

I was delighted to see my Floral Posy Light cushion in The Mail on Sunday’s You magazine last Sunday, the 11th February, in a page full of glorious florals. It is good to know that colourful florals are still on trend! But then again, I cannot see a time when they wont be 🙂
I have to admit though, this little feature is a bit misleading! They price the cushion at £210.00 rather than it’s true price of £58.00, and unfortunately my name is not mentioned, only Mint’s name. Mint is a fantastic gallery in Kensington which stocked some of my embroidered cushions for a few years ( I think that’s where the price confusion has entered!)
Anyway, never one to complain, I am very happy to see it in there, although I’m not expecting much from it, ha ha 😀

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Mint Gallery has done me proud!

Photo by Inge Clemente

I was thrilled to be asked again to provide embroidered cushions for Mints latest Spring Show ‘Metacraft’ which opened last month and ran for the month of May. It featured pieces that combined craft with new technologies. Mint is a wonderful gallery with some really wacky and interesting pieces and I am very happy that they enjoy putting my flowery numbers along side their other exhibition pieces which are often really quite ‘out there’!
But not only is there a new stock of cushions in the shop, I noticed that one of my cushions that I had made for Mint last year had made its way into Junes issue of House and Garden. It was made for a wonderful project called ‘Inspired by the Fabric’, whereby I was given a piece of handwoven, indigo dyed fabric from Jordan, and I was asked to indeed be ‘inspired by the fabric’ and create 6 cushions. Please see an earlier post (Spring 2016) for more details if you are interested, but the cushion shown below in House and Garden was inspired by the selvedge of the fabric, which was very frayed.
Also shown below is a picture from LivingEtc, March 2017, which shows one of my embroidered cushions, obtained from Mint, lying on a bed in a rather wonderful bedroom….I was so excited to see that!
So yes, Mint really has done me proud!

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Exposure in Home Style!

I was delighted to be asked to send in cushions and notebooks for a photoshoot to go into Home Style magazine back in February….and here are the results! I am thrilled with these photos in the July issue of Home Style, the cushions look great in this scheme. I find it funny though as my cushions have taken up a rather large part of the £790 budget; I added up what was shown of mine within the room….it came to £346! So worth it though! 🙂
Styled by Dilly Orme.

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Patchwork throw tutorial in Sewing World

I was delighted to be asked by Sewing World magazine to submit another tutorial, after I had done one last year for their March issue. My latest step by step project is in this months issue, May, and it shows you how to make a patchwork throw out of furnishing fabrics. Although I used only my own fabrics for this project, any furnishing fabrics can be used, so it can be a cheap throw to make if you use up offcuts and remnants. I have used a large scale template for ease, and because furnishing fabrics are much thicker than cotton patchwork fabrics so intricate piecing isn’t so possible! I have also ‘quilted’ it with buttons, so it really is a simple project to make.

So if you fancy having a go at making this throw, then buy yourself the May issue of Sewing World….there is plenty of other great tutorials in there too so it’d be well worth it! And just to show you that this patchwork throw looks fantastic with fabrics other than my own, here is a photograph of another one I made a couple of years ago; the block pattern is slightly different, but very much in the spirit of the Sewing World tutorial. Have a go!

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Cover girl! February issue of Sewing World

This was a lot of fun! A little while ago I was asked if I wanted to contribute a tutorial to Sewing World after they had seen my work at the degree show last summer. I said ‘of course’! When I actually came to do it I felt a bit daunted and unsure whether I could pull it off, but the fact was it was hugely enjoyable, doing all the machine embroidery, taking photos of every step and jotting down what I had done.
Luckily Sewing World loved the tutorial and the cushion cover I had done, so much so that it made it onto the front cover 🙂