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About my embroidered cushions

My small embroidered cushions always draw attention when seen at exhibitions and fairs, and are one of my most popular items. The texture of the embroidery is what most excites people, and the embellishment of the linen with thread is a wonderful combination giving that texture, as well as colour, pattern and a reflective quality.
I am often asked about the embroidery, and how it is done. I do the embroidery with a digital embroidery machine, one in which I design the embroidery motifs, these then are translated to the machine and the machine then gets on with the job on its own, stitching the patterns onto the fabric (usually while I sit there mesmerised by the process, it’s very meditative! Although the whole idea is for me to be getting on with something else!).
I have several reasons for using a digital machine rather than free machining on a normal sewing machine. Firstly I actually love the texture of the stitch that the digital machine produces, its thick and raised from the fabric, with a wonderfully solid feel. I really don’t think I could get such a stitch quality as this personally if I was to embroider it myself on my sewing machine. The stitch also feels very durable, which is obviously advantageous for my cushions and their longevity, as well as the factor of time and economics. A shorter time in production is reflected in cushion prices, so that is also a big consideration.
So although I get a vast amount of pleasure free hand machining (where I manoeuvre the fabric myself under the sewing machine and ‘draw’ with the thread) I feel that using a digital machine for my cushions is the right course of action in this instant as I just love the stitch that the machine produces, and its quicker. I get very excited when I sit and watch the embroidery process, and see the floral patterns emerge with thread, it never ceases to thrill me!
Presently I have two embroidered designs on my shop page, and more will be added in time, do take a look 🙂

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