My collection of fabrics for interiors were born out of a passion for flowers, growing flowers and having flowers within my house; I wanted to capture the beauty of the floral bouquet. The fabrics are also a recognition of my love of colour, pattern and design.
A lifelong appreciation of textiles led me to explore and develop many needlework skills, both hand and machine, and in my early 40’s I enrolled to do a 3 year BA (Hons) Textile Design course at Hereford College of Arts after becoming increasing frustrated with my lack of direction concerning my creativity. The children had grown up and left home, and I was left wondering what on earth to do with my life. The Textile Design degree really helped to focus and inform my choices, and on completion I felt ready and excited to set up my own business in 2015 and unleash my flowery fabrics on the world!
My fabrics are primarily created by using hand processes such as drawing and painting, mark-making and layering. Further manipulation and experimentation with scale, layering and repeat often follows on Photoshop, but this aspect is kept to a minimum and the original feel and look of the drawing process is never lost in the design. These designs are then printed digitally in the UK, digital print is the best way, I find, to translate my drawings onto fabric.
Inspiration is drawn from a wealth of subject matter. I love visiting historic buildings, walking out in the countryside, and along coastlines, and experiencing the bustle of busy cities. I greatly enjoy visiting exhibitions and looking around art galleries and fairs. I am constantly aware of the patterns, colours, images and shapes that surround me; life is inspiring! It might not all have a direct influence on my designs, but it definitely feeds in in subtle ways.
I am so happy and proud with this collection of floral and coordinating fabrics, so pleased that I took the journey to become a textile designer, even if it was rather late in life. I hope you find pleasure in these fabrics also.

Abigail Bury