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My father!

A photograph received from my brother last week has prompted me to write this latest post. It is of my father John Bury, and the photograph was apparently taken for Tattler Magazine in 1961.
So I thought that seeing as my dad had had such an interesting career, I would share a little bit of it here.
John Bury was a set, costume and lighting designer. He was born in 1925, and commenced his career in the theatre in the 1950’s when he started work with Joan Littlewoods Theatre Workshop. Subsequently he went on to become Head of Design for the Royal Shakespeare Company and for the National Theatre, from 1973 to 1985. He also created sets for the Royal Opera house and Glyndebourne. He worked closely with Peter Hall for most of this career.
In 1981 my father won two Tony awards for best set design and best lighting for the Broadways production of Peter Shaffer’s Amadeus, although he was nominated for best costume design too! He received an OBE in 1979. I remember as a young girl of 9 going to Buckingham Palace with the family and watching him receive his metal from the Queen mum.
He died in 2000, and so it was such a thrill to see this early photograph of him, one that I hadn’t even seen before. He must have been aged 36, so it was taken before I was born which wasn’t until 1970; it is such a fabulous photo of him as he was starting out on such an amazing career.
My brothers and I had an interesting childhood too, there was a lot of travel! Memorably we spent time in Sydney where my parents (my mother helped my father) put on operas at the Sydney Opera House, we also had a fantastic time in Santa Fe where again they put on an opera at the opera house there. We also spent a lot of our childhood down at Glyndebourne. I must admit I did not take much notice of it all as a child, but I have grown to feel very proud of what my parents have achieved!

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