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It has been a little while since I last wrote, and actually I find I have not too much to say, but I don’t like to see a blog or news page left too neglected.
I am busy though. Presently I am making up cushion covers for a large order from Switzerland, Zurich to be precise. I am waiting on fabric to be printed though. Each fabric order is getting tentatively bigger as I come to terms with the fact that a) it’s not good practice to run out of fabric, b) it seems that things are moving along nicely now since I took a stand at Top Drawer back in January and c) there is just no denying anymore that I can get away with keeping costs low by ordering smaller amounts of fabric. I have to be more aware of ‘economies of scale’! It is a young business and I am learning and gathering momentum continually.
Also in the pipeline is an exciting project that Mint gallery has asked me to be involved in. They have lengths of handwoven blue fabrics that were obtained from Jordan and they have asked a few textile designers, myself included, to each take away one of these lengths and make cushions or throws with the fabric, and each designer can basically do as they please with it. Exciting! The only stipulation was that the selvedges had to still be visible. The cushions will be on sale in their amazing gallery in Kensington later on this Spring. I will embroider on mine. I have a beautiful bluey grey length and I am envisioning adding orange thread, the orange of deserts and rock. More on this project later, with pictures of the finished products.
So presently, I am hunkered down here at home, cutting fabric, sewing and also trying to keep warm, it’s March but warmer weather still feels a while off yet.

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